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The Difference Between Internet Leads and Referrals from Your Friends [That Happen to Be] Online

In our blog-backed website business, I often get questions related to how blogging and social networking should work together (these are business blogs who’s purpose is to build a relationships with folks who will either do business direct or refer business to you).

I’ve struggled a bit with a cogent analogy — usually something along the lines: “Blogging is more for people you don’t know, whereas social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is for reconnecting with people you do know…”.

Dustin (of Rain City Guide and 4realz) has a great post today on the difference. The money quote:

If you don’t mind dealing with internet leads, then by all means focus on building out a website like Rain City Guide that will drive relevant traffic.

However, if you want your real friends to start sending you clients, then you better start interacting with them in a “real” way. Maybe that means throwing ridiculously cool parties, joining the local PTA, coaching a little league team, or sharing inside jokes and other gibberish on Twitter. Either way, your real friends expect you to be a real person.

Read the whole thing.

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